Deepen Your Spiritual Practice with Essential Oils

Essential oils are the vibrational frequency of a plant or tree and have been used by humans for centuries as potent medicines.

Every single plant or tree on Earth vibrates at a higher frequency than our personal energy bodies, so one whiff of an oil will immediately elevate the frequency of our energy body as it tries to match that frequency. It's like magic (but also science)!

Although I use these little plant friends for everything in my day to day life to help me keep healthy, clean my house, care for my skin and so much more, the thing that got me really hooked was how they shifted my spiritual practice.

These powerful plant allies have helped improve my clairvoyance, deepened my focus, taken me on shamanic journeys to other dimensions, and helped to quickly ground and clear my energy. Now that I've experienced how they work, I just won't be without them!

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